Dream Green 100% Recycled Batting perfect for quilting

The green PET fiber is 100% post-consumer content. By using the close-the-loop recycling chain Dream Green is made from a new generation of polyester fibers. Dream Green fibers set the standard by which all other environmentally friendly fibers are judged because Dream Green is clearly pro-environment in both it's raw sources and in its manufacturing process. Each pound of Dream Green equals 10 bottles saved from burdening our landfills. The number of bottles that you rescue with each batt used is shown beside the size of product purchased. Except for the light green color-Dream Green's quality, performance and function are indistinguishable from virgin polyester fibers. Dream Green is very soft and has excellent drape, wonderful consistency and strength. Dream Green is carded, crosslapped and needle punched. There is no resin or scrim to resist your needle.

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You may confidently stitch up to 12" apart of as closely as you would like. Finished quilts may be dry-cleaned or gently machine washed and dried. Dream Green stays soft and supple. There is no need to prewash Dream Green. Under normal care- there is no shrinkage in Dream Green. Dream Green is excellent for both machine and hand quilting. Bonus! Your scraps and packaging are 100% recyclable!

This product feels the same as the regular thing! And it's eco friendly batting.


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