Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Preciosa Crystal Bicones

Who do you know that buys only Swarovski crystals? We have a brand that is an excellent competitor to Swarovski and is a better price. Would you buy something that costs more, when you can buy something that looks almost the same and costs less?

Have you heard of Preciosa Crystal? Preciosa offers a lot of the same colors and at a fraction of the price! Preciosa is a world leader in the manufacterer of crystal chatons, beads and jewelry components boasting a broad variety of shapes, colors, sizes and coatings. Due to the high lead content of the crystal, Preciosa crystals are more durable, and each precision cut facet emanates an irresistibly brilliant sparkle unparalleled by lower quality imitators. We can order in many different shapes, types, sizes and colors.

Right now we carry almost the full color collection of 4mm bicones in the Preciosa crystal.

Here are the colors of the Preciosa Crystals.
Crystal, Crystal AB, Jet, Jet AB, Black Diamond, Black Diamond AB, Aquamarine, Aquamarine AB, Aqua Bohemica, Aqua Bohemica AB, Light Sapphire, Light Sapphire AB, Sapphire, Sapphire AB, Montana, Montana AB, Capri Blue, Capri Blue AB, Blue Zircon, Blue Zircon AB, Peridot, Peridot AB, Emerald, Emerald AB, Green Turmaline, Green Turmaline AB, Olivine, Olivine AB, Gold Beryl, Gold Beryl AB, Jonquil, Jonquil AB, Citrine, Citrine AB, Topaz, Topaz AB, Lt. Colorado Topaz, Lt. Colorado Topaz AB, Smoked Topaz, Smoked Topaz AB, Light Rose, Light Rose AB, Pink Sapphire, Pink Sapphire AB, Sun, Sun AB, Hyacinth, Hyacinth AB, Light Siam, Light Siam AB, Siam, Siam AB, Amethyst, Amethyst AB, Light Burgundy, Light Burgundy AB, Light Amethyst, Light Amethyst AB, Violet, Violet AB, Alexandrite, Alexandrite AB, Tanzanite, Tanzanite AB, Velvet, Aurum 2x, Honey, Heliotrope, Light Yellow, Pink Candy and many others.

If you want to order from us, the minimum order for crystal is the following:

3mm bicone, 5 gross, starting at $6.25 per gross (144 pieces)
4mm bicone, 2 gross, starting at $6.25 per gross (144 pieces)
6mm bicone, 1 gross, starting at $10.75 per gross (144 pieces)

We offer many of these in stock at our Vista location bead shop. Where else can you find Preciosa in San Diego at our great prices!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Store-only Specials for Black Friday
Here is a preview of the first ever Dancing Bear Indian Trader Black Friday sale!

Customers will receive all items below the amount spent.
So if a customer purchases $100, they will get the $75, $50 and $25 promotion GWP.Not applicable to previous purchases.

GWP promotion, while supplies last, no rainchecks. Sales total before tax:
$25-Thread Clippers $4.95 value
$50-Bead Loom $7.50 value
$75-Baby Blanket $12.00 value
$100-$10 gift certificate for Dancing Bear not applicable for:
The Bead Wall, Tradecloth or Consignment Items

9am-10am, Friday Nov. 27, First people through the door,
get a free gift-Peacock Feather retail $4.00, while supplies last, one per family.

This Dancing Bear sale will only be on Friday, Nov. 27, 2009
and Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 Not applicable to previous purchases.

25% off Crafty Chica Products
25% off Iron ons
$1 off Crystal Beads, Strands, Gross Packs
25% off a Selection of Native American made Gifts
25% off Hemp Cord
$1.00 off Safety Pin Angel Kits & Butterfly Kits
25% off Plastic Beads

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Friday Specials in store!

This coming Friday is going to be Dancing Bear's first ever Black Friday! And because it's our first Black Friday & Saturday, we are going to have some sweet deals!!

Hours for Friday: 9am-6pm
Hours for Saturday: 9am-6pm

We are going to have our specials for the weekend listed on Thanksgiving Day.
We will post them here on our blog!

We will have a special Christmas on a Budget Class, and surprises for early birds!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Classes at Dancing Bear!

Hello Dancing Bear Customers!

We have very exciting news! We are going to start classes at our store. Our very first classs will be on Nov 4 from 11am-2pm.

The class will be instructed by Dee, she has been teaching for years! Her jewelry is amazing and you can do it too! Each class session will be $20. She has an open class, so anyone can show up at any point and she will teach you what ever you want to learn. She will be offering her jewelry classes 2 times a week here at Dancing Bear Indian Trader.
Wednesdays 11am-2pm
Saturdays 2:30pm-5:30pm

Please RSVP for your spot for these classes! Email me at svea@dancingbearindiantrader.com

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A nice little tote bag for mom or your friends!

How to make a nice tote bag for Mother's day or for a friend.Get a heavy weight fabric, such as a home decorator weight fabric2 fat quarters (outside fabric)2 fat quarters (lining fabric)2 yards of nylon webbing1 package of contrasting bias tape, double folded (thickness at least 1/2"4 pieces of interfacing, preferably craft fuse, or something heavy.Directions.Fuse your interfacing to all of your fat quarters.Determine the top of your fat quarters.Cut two 3" squares off the bottom corners of each piece.Sew on the bias tape along the top, making sure to put the over lap behind one of the straps.Take 1 yard of the nylon webbing and sew it on in a u shape. start by pinning the webbing 4 inches in from the cut corner, attach to the very bottom of the piece, and measure 4 inches over from the other side, and attach the same way. Make the shape of an upside down u, and pin down, make sure it's straight. You will see that it forms a strap or handle at the top of the FQ that is in a shape of a T.Sew it down on both edges of the nylon webbing, make sure to leave 1" at the top, so that the bias tape can be attached behind. Do this to BOTH sides.Pair up the inside interfaced piece with the outside interfaced piece. Face both pieces together with the outside together.Attach both sides together, first on the bottom. Reinforce the bottom especially where the nylon webbing is in the seam. Seam allowance should be 5/8"Now sew the side seams together, make sure to line them up on the top edge.Now sew together the seam of the cut out 3" square. match the two corners together, this will give you a square bottom for the tote bag.Now that you have the bag sudo done, take your bias tape, and cover the inside seams if you like. And use it to cover the top of the bag. After sewing it on, make a reinforced box with an x in it, at the top of every strap (4 times) Take this opportunity to sew down the area of the strap that allowed for the bias tape to be covered.Voila! It's a tote bag that you can use for any thing, and it also would make a GREAT gift!!!!If you need any fabrics, I have a great collection of Alexander Henry Fabrics, Michael Miller Fabrics, and many others.

There are a lot of fabrics that are avaliable at:


Thursday, May 28, 2009

New fabrics we ordered!!!! Michael Miller makes great designs

Hello Dancing Bear Indian Trader Customers!

We are really excited to announce that we will be getting in some NEW designs from Michael Miller with Dreamcatchers printed on the fabric! Our Native American themed fabric collection is growing. See our collection at http://www.dancingbearindiantrader.com/ndfabric.html

We sold out of our dreamcatcher fabric from shamash, and it was out of print, so we couldn't get more. 

Our sales rep for Michael Miller called us up and told us that she had some stuff that we would like to see. We were so excited, we ordered a bunch of the fabrics, and we also took snapshots of the samples. We should be getting in our inventory at the end of June. We can't wait for all of the fabric. We will be doing presales of this fabric soon.....

Friday, March 27, 2009

WHOA! We got Delicas!! And much much more!

Hi There Everyone in Cyberland!

We just got in the shipment, finally! We have a huge collection of Delica Beads. We ordered 11/0 Delicas made by Miyuki. These are the best bead! They are very popular because they are uniform in shape, so they are perfect for any project that requires precision. We ordered over 300 colors.

We ordered in a bunch of tools, triangle bead cups, crimp pliers, hemp cord, special beading rulers, knotting tools, mandrel sets (to make your own jumprings), soft flex, fireline, metal measuring gauges. Ahh, it's so cool to get in all of this good stuff for craft making!

We hope to see you soon! Come on by and say hi! Our Bead Shop is in Vista, Our address is:

135 E Broadway, Vista, CA 92084 Call us at: 760-726-2323 (BEAD)

Our website is: http://www.dancingbearindiantrader.com

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the Store is progressing....

Hi All,

Here is an update on our store, We have been putting up all of the beads on the wall. They look spectacular! Just like at our booth, the wall of beads is the focal point of the store.

Front of Store

Inside View

Another View of the store

Wall of beads

We also have a fabric room! Our fabrics are starting to fill up the space beautifully! We are so excited to see it progress. Did you know that we sell quilter's quality fabrics from: Alexander Henry, Michael Miller fabrics, David Textiles, Robert Kaufman, High Fashion fabrics, Shamash Fabrics, Andover fabrics, Windham Fabrics, just to name some of them...

Doorway into fabric room

Shelf of fabric bolts

We will be getting in some new fabrics from Blank Quilting and we will have a Belle Pepper Fabrics corner as well. This collection is a unique one, it is a collection of skull prints, mexican day of the dead, retro prints, from Alexander Henry, Michael Miller, just to name a few. This collection has home dec weights and Hello Kitty fabrics! They have an Etsy store: http://bellepepper.etsy.com/ if you would like to see the preview. Some of the fabrics are also previewed on this post.

Our Native American collection of fabrics, we have been told, is very good! We have found so many different fabrics, some of them are out of print. We have over 50 different designs of fabric! Some of the images are of tipi villages, northwest coast totem poles, horses, beaded flower designs, kachinas, chili peppers, native american baskets, silver conchos, ledger drawing, kokopeli and other southwest designs. Here is our collection online: http://www.dancingbearindiantrader.com/ndfabric.html

Email us if you want to be added to our mailing list!svea@dancingbearindiantrader.comOur website is:http://www.dancingbearindiantrader.com/We sell these items. Not all of them are on the website with shopping cart links. We have been working on the website as well as attending powwows and running business, please be patient with us, there is so much to put onto the website! We have a comprehensive collection of Native American craft supplies for any Native American project. We strive to find new items all the time. If you are looking for something and don't know where to get it, please ask us! We probably have it or can get for you! We hope you will be our customer, and that you think we are the #1 Indian Craft Supply, the go to, for your personal crafting needs!Czech glass beads, Czech Beads, Firepolish Czech Beads, Fire Polish Beads, Native American Craft Books, Abalone Shells, Blue Abalone, Green Abalone, Mexican Green Abalone, Yellow Abalone, Deluxe Smudge Kits, Dentillium Shells, Elk Teeth, Carved Bone Elk Teeth, Jewelry Tools, Native American Fabric, Indian fabric, 8 band tradecloth, red wool tradecloth, blue wool tradecloth, black wool tradecloth, orange wool tradecloth, charlotte beads, miyuki beads, Japanese beads, Native American patterns, Feathers, Furs, Beaver skins, White Sage Bundles, Sweet Grass Braids, Native Herbs, Bear Berry, Deer Tongue, Red Willow, Star Anise, Spearmint, Mullen, Ceramic Beads, Teeny Tiny Peruvian Beads, Pewter Pendants, Rhinestone banding, Hot Fix Preciosa Crystals, Abalone Disks, White Clam Disks, Blue Mussel, Cowrie shells, Shawl Fringe, Shawl Cuts, Floral Scarves, Redwood Jingles, Indian Time Jingles, Fat quarters, horsehair, dyed horsehair, baby blankets, native american fleece blanket, old time beads, crow beads, nymo thread, John James beading needles, John James glovers needles, John James sharps needles, Stretch Magic, Tigertail, Gemstone beads, hawk bells... more will be added soon...