Hello Dancing Bear customers!

Can you believe that a month has gone by, and we are in February! Wow!

You still have time to make your sweetie something for Valentine’s day, it’s only about two weeks away….

KissFacebook & Twitter, etc-We just added on the front of our website links to our different pages for Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Yelp, Flickr, and our Blog. Please follow, join, review, and be our friends! We will post coupons and specials on Facebook and Twitter.


KissDee's classes are on Wednesday's 11am-2pm and Saturday 2:30pm-5:30pm. Please RSVP for classes. Read more info on our website: http://dancingbearindiantrader.com/classes.html
Please RSVP call
760-726-2323 or email us at info@dancingbearindiantrader.com

KissFebruary Craft Project of the Month-We will be doing a once a month craft project in the store. For the month of February, we will have a Craft Project with Crafty Chica products! We will be decorating a hat with an iron on, paint, trim and glitter! It's going to be very cool! If you are interested, please RSVP by Feb 16, space is limited, and plus we have to get the supplies for the class! The class will be $20, on February 20, from 11:00am-2:00pm. That includes the cost of the hat and the supplies to make the project. Please see our classes page for more info and pictures of the projects! You can enroll on our website, check it out! http://www.dancingbearindiantrader.com/classes.html#feb

KissPlastic Beads-we are selling them like crazy! We are getting in Colored Skull beads and we have grey & glow in the dark skull beads! Did you know that a lot of our plastic beads are made in the USA?

KissLucky Cat, Beckoning Cat-We just started a new department of our store. We sell Lucky Cat merchandise. Ranging from Beads to Statues to Bags. They are very Kawaii (cute) and we think that you might like them. The Lucky Cat is a Japanese tradition. Many of you have been to a Japanese restaurant or a sushi bar, and seen one. The Lucky Cat brings in business, customers and good fortune (luck) to where ever it is located. Preview of our sister website and what we have! http://www.myluckyneko.com

KissCreative Options, Craft Supply storage-We ordered a bunch of new items for your storage needs. These containers are made by the same company as Plano (fishing tackle boxes) and they are very cool! The color palette is Purple, Lime Green and Yellow. Come in and check out the catalog if you want to special order, we can add to our order shipping out mid February. Also we are doing a promotion with the new Creative Options coming in! If you purchase $50 of Creative Options from our store, you will receive a free tote bag!($15 dollar value) http://www.dancingbearindiantrader.com/creativeoptions.html

KissFabrics-We just got in a bunch of new fabrics! Chargers fleece & cotton, Alexander Henry & Michael Miller. Come in and see the collection. We also now carry in our store a product called Dream Green. It is batting made entirely by plastic bottles. VERY COOL!


We just went to the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show in Anaheim. It was amazing. We will be bringing in a lot of new merchandise in the next few months. So be sure to stop by and check out our store!

Chris & Svea