Monday, November 17, 2008

Attention, Attention, Dancing Bear Indian Trader proudly announces, "The Store"

We here are so excited, we have just signed a lease for a retail location for Dancing Bear Indian Trader. We found a really nice, convienient, and great size location just one street over from the downtown Vista shopping district. We will focus on providing the same excellent customer service, and a huge selection of craft supplies for any project ranging from Native American Regalia to beaded jewelry!

Our location will be 135 E. Broadway, Vista, CA.

We will have more information as the time grows near, about our phone number, hours, etc.

Our store will carry an expanded collection of craft supplies such as:

  • Native American fabrics

  • Novelty Cotton Fabrics

  • 8 Band Trade Cloth

  • Baby Blankets & Throws

  • Sterling Silver Findings

  • Czech Bead Wall

  • Japanese Seed Beads

  • Silver Plated findings

  • Gold Plated findings

  • Thread and Needles

  • Bone Beads

  • Gemstone Beads

  • Tin Cones

  • Hairpipe assorted sizes

  • Shawl Fringe & Shawl Cuts

  • Assorted Leather goods

  • Hot Fix Crystals

  • Rhinestone Banding

  • Feathers

  • and more!

We are so excited the possibilities are endless!!!!

Email us if you want to be added to our mailing list!

Our website is:

We sell these items. Not all of them are on the website with shopping cart links. We have been working on the website as well as attending powwows and running business, please be patient with us, there is so much to put onto the website! We have a comprehensive collection of Native American craft supplies for any Native American project. We strive to find new items all the time. If you are looking for something and don't know where to get it, please ask us! We probably have it or can get for you! We hope you will be our customer, and that you think we are the #1 Indian Craft Supply, the go to, for your personal crafting needs!Czech glass beads, Czech Beads, Firepolish Czech Beads, Fire Polish Beads, Native American Craft Books, Abalone Shells, Blue Abalone, Green Abalone, Mexican Green Abalone, Yellow Abalone, Deluxe Smudge Kits, Dentillium Shells, Elk Teeth, Carved Bone Elk Teeth, Jewelry Tools, Native American Fabric, Indian fabric, 8 band tradecloth, red wool tradecloth, blue wool tradecloth, black wool tradecloth, orange wool tradecloth, charlotte beads, miyuki beads, Japanese beads, Native American patterns, Feathers, Furs, Beaver skins, White Sage Bundles, Sweet Grass Braids, Native Herbs, Bear Berry, Deer Tongue, Red Willow, Star Anise, Spearmint, Mullen, Ceramic Beads, Teeny Tiny Peruvian Beads, Pewter Pendants, Rhinestone banding, Hot Fix Preciosa Crystals, Abalone Disks, White Clam Disks, Blue Mussel, Cowrie shells, Shawl Fringe, Shawl Cuts, Floral Scarves, Redwood Jingles, Indian Time Jingles, Fat quarters, horsehair, dyed horsehair, baby blankets, native american fleece blanket, old time beads, crow beads, nymo thread, John James beading needles, John James glovers needles, John James sharps needles, Stretch Magic, Tigertail, Gemstone beads, hawk bells... more will be added soon...